Roeshdien Jaz

Professional-Practitioner Coach/Singer-Songwriter/Learning & Development Specialist/Inspirational Speaker

My journey with the IMM Graduate School, started in 1996. A year and investment that would pave the way for what I believe to be my soul purpose today, to uplift elevate and inspire the masses, be it through my music, professional coaching practice or as a learning & development specialist for ‘Merchants’ (Division of Dimension Data).

I have always been extremely passionate about both business and people development, and continue to be committed to my personal, business and creative development thanks to the world-class lecturers, curriculum and support during, and after, my IMM Graduate School journey. From my experience, many companies seem to specifically ask for IMM qualifications as a prerequisite in candidates for jobs in the industry, both locally and internationally. This, I believe, is an indication of how powerful and prolific the IMM Graduate School brand equity is, from both a local, and global perspective, and in terms of the opportunities that await the next generation of alumni.